Thursday, July 27, 2006

Driver's Education

So I have one more weeks of Driver's Ed classes to go! Its been a very tough 6 weeks and I'm mentally and physically spent! I'm seriously running on fumes here...So I've decided to devote the month of August to sleeping and catching up with friends and family.

August top ten Goals:

1. Visit Dustin in San Diego
2. Sleep
3. Sleep
4. Sleep some more
5. Take a day trip with my boy Sam back to E-burg for some Campus U Totem Burgers
6. on job related stuff, hey got to give priority to the above mentioned goals!
7. Catch a couple of films
8. Find a new place to live (1)
9. Read some more pleasure books
10. Oh and get my busted up/ ghetto looking car fixed!

But before August can happen I have ONE more week of Driver's Ed to complete. So far I'm still in one piece, NOT BAD!

There had been alot of fun stuff we have done in class up to date. BUT today was by far the coolest. Today we were practicing Evasive manuevers!

Oh yeah we were skidding, swerving, threshold braking and doing all sort of things to the university cars that the CWU motorpool would probably not appreciate. It all brought a great big smile to my face :D

Now by no means does todays practicing make me an expert, but our prof said that they might do an intensive evasive manuever work shop next year for a couple of days. All of us begged him to actually do it, because I know we would all show up! HEY EDUCATIONAL CLOCK HOURS TO LEARN HOW TO DO SOME KICK ASS MANUEVERS!

All I have to say is...I'M THERE!

* 1. Landlord is selling the house I'm renting...DAMN! now I have to pack and move all over again. So are there any volunteers out there that would be will to help me move?!?! Well keep it in mind :P

Friday, July 21, 2006

Boozen Buddies...

Hey I got some Pics! Oh yes, sometimes you need visual evidence...:)

So here are some of the pics taken from my weekend with Dustin and his Family. Oh by the way, I'll be adding commentary just for my reader's personal enjoyment

Here's Dustin and Me setting up the BBQ table for the BIG KIDD FIESTA O6'...

Dustin and Me taking the meaning of LAZY to were it should be...sitting down, watching tv, and drinking some beer. (1)


Mr. Kidd, Dustin and Me...enjoying the beautiful view that Cove has to offer...or maybe we're just being decide!

Hmmm...yup this is definitely Dustin and me in our natural state of being...WE'RE JUST CRAZY LIKE THAT!

So there you have it...some visual evidence of a great weekend! So I'm hoping to take a quick trip to San Diego to visit Dustin before he goes back to the land of the rising sun...So their might be some pics of that...yikes that might actually be scary!

1. Ok it was like when we were in college type of Lazy...I mean serious we didn't sleep in until noon, or sucked down fluids all day and babble incoherently until we passed out...that only happened during our Junior and Senior years! HONEST!